Address Correction Services

  • Automated NCOALink® Address Updates
    Your company will realize substantial cost and labor savings by participating in our NCOALink® program.  This is a link provided by the United States Postal Service. It automates the way the "Address Service Requested" endorsement is used on the outgoing envelope.

    When you upload your files they are processed in-line through the NCOALink® software and the USPS database.  The software applies the corrected address to the statement before it is actually printed ensuring an accurate and timely delivery.  You will receive a report within hours showing all of the updated/changed addresses, the old address, and the responsible party‚Äôs name and account number so that you can update your database before the next statement is mailed.

    The report is part of your process confirmation and is available to you by e-mail or can be retrieved on-line.

  • Delivery Point Validation
    On August 1, 2007, the USPS implemented a mandatory address validation system called
    Delivery Point Validation (DPV) in an effort to lower the USPS costs related to undeliverable mail and to ultimately speed-up delivery. The USPS estimates that 40% of bad addresses are due to errors made during data entry.  Consequently, the USPS is removing the automated postage rate on those mailing pieces.  Our processing center has the software in place to comply with this regulation.

    Many software systems do not provide for the Zip+4; our processing center will append the zip code with the appropriate +4 code.  If the address is incorrect and the ZIP+4 code cannot be assigned, it will be rejected for DPV purposes.  We recommend that our clients mail every piece out if it appears to have a deliverable address.  If you prefer, we will suppress them for you at no charge and list them on the Process Confirmation indicating the appropriate error code.