Printing and Mailing

LaserPlus Printing is an automated processing service for printing and mailing your billing. It is simple, convenient, flexible and cost effective.  Outsource Services include:


  • Lowers overall cost of personnel, postage, forms and supplies.

    • No minimum file size
    • No capital investment and maintenance
    • No set-up fee
    • No fee for routine changes to statement format
    • No inventory of forms and supplies
    • No storage
  • Improves presentation of billing

      • Statements are easier to understand, minimizing questions from your customers
      • Reduces customer phone calls, freeing your staff to do other tasks
    • Automates processing 

      • Eliminates manual processing in your office, making better use of labor resources
      • Your statements are mailed within one business day
      • Easy internet uploads
      • Files are accepted in most formats and software systems


      • Files are uploaded to a secure web portal
      • Medical statements are designed to be HIPPA compliant

    Getting started is as easy as completing the simple form on our Contact Us page!