On-line BillPay

Our integrated web based payment processing solution is fully interactive with our printing and mailing service allowing your customer to pay their bills on-line.

We provide you with a customized webpage giving your customers the ability to make payments by credit card or debit check. 

  • Simple instructions
    Statements received by mail by your customer can be viewed on-line while making a payment. 
  • Information security
    All customer statements will have a unique ID on the statement which will allow only the recipient to log-in, view their statement and make a payment. No credit information is stored
  • Statement archiving
    Our clients enrolled in On-Line Billpay will have the ability to view and/or print individual statements on-line for one year.
  • Accurate payment posting
    Statement account numbers are passed to the credit card company by our system which will virtually eliminate keying errors.
  • Time savings
    Payments made on-line reduce telephone calls, payment posting and time for your Customer Service Representative (CSR) time.
  • On-Line Payment Portal
     All of your CSR’s with internet access have the ability to enter credit card payments and setup automatic payment arrangements from their workstation.
  • Payment Posting
    You have the option to upload payments directly into your accounts receivable system.